Listing FAQ



1) How can a listing on Roof Cleaning Contractors be important for me or my business?

RCC  is not only a site that guides prospective customers to your business – it is also a site that offers  information, articles and other features to help the customer understand the non-pressure method.

2) Can any Roof Cleaner get listed on RCC?

Yes and no. This site will not promote companies that use and or “negative advertise” against the ARMA method of roof cleaning. Until ARMA issues a new bulletin identifying an alternate method that will not void the shingle warranty, this site will follow the current guidelines. A huge part of the reason for the creation of this site was to combat the misinformation. Please report any listing who’s owner violates this rule.

3) How long does it take for my listing to be posted on RCC?

Currently, listings are set to automatic. They should go live upon completion of those requirements. If we find people are abusing the trust, we will fall back to verifying listings.

4) How long will the listing be active?

At this time, all listings packages are set for 1 year. This is subject to change but we will honor the listed term for all active accounts. If it says 1 year when you list, it will be active for 1 year regardless of changes made afterward.

5) Will I receive a reminder at the end of my annual subscription ?

Yes, At the end of your subscription you will be sent a reminder to keep your  listing active.

July 2, 2012