Selling Your Home?

Selling your home?

There are many articles and tips written for people selling there homes and commercial properties. We are always reminded to do the things that have been suggested for many years.

  • Get a fresh coat of paint.
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Find the little things to fix.
  • Do whatever you can to make it homey.
  • The house needs to look spacious and open.
  • Keep things neutral during the open house.
  • Clean up the closets.

Now, lets look at some things that can be done that will make your home “sparkle”!

  • Clean the roof that has algae “black streaks”, lichen and moss.
  • Clean the sidewalks, patios and driveway.
  • Clean the deck that is discolored and growing algae.
  • Clean the vinyl siding & metal work. Some areas have algae growth and the metal work is covered with dirt and mold spores.
  • Clean the exterior of the gutters.

All of the exterior cleaning Blue Ridge Roof Cleaning offers can add thousands to your sales price and keep the house from sitting on the market. When a potential buyer sees your home, clean and looking better than the previous homes they saw, it will make their decision easier. They just might be buying the best looking home on the street! 


Which home would you buy?

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January 31, 2013