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A to Z Roof Cleaning

  • February 22, 2013 7:04 am
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    atozroofingRoof Cleaning Wareham, Massachusetts


    Your home and roof are what’s important for us! Call us for gentle roof cleaning services that are guaranteed to last for years! All technicians are experienced and fully trained by the owner and look forward to making your house beautiful again!


    Roof Cleaning

    The roof is the exterior part of your Wareham house and one area of the house that is exposed to continuous onslaught of nature. The environmental factors are always working against it. Some of the common factors that keep acting on your roofs are storms, plant and various other living things which may not be visible to your eyes. All these together make the roof appear very dirty and you may need to clean it. Roof shingles have to be cleaned whenever the roof appears dirty but its quite an easy job for A to Z Roofing. If you keep your roof shingles clean, then the life of your roof also increases greatly. On the other hand if you leave the dirt intact then there may be permanent damage done to the roof shingles. A severe storm may have left your roof undamaged but there may be debris strewn all over. You need to clean the debris.

    If you see that there are black streaks on your roof then it is a sure sign of algae formation on the roof. It only means that the shingles have been invaded by algae and you need to clean it properly otherwise your roof will appear very dirty and stained. It will mar the entire look of your house. It will also reduce the reflective properties of your roof, which can cause your heating bill to skyrocket and your home energy efficiency to decrease.

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