Black Streak On Roof – Gloeocapsa Magma

Black Streaks On My Roof (Gloeocapsa Magma)


The black streaks on your roof (gloeocapsa magma) are something no homeowner or business owner wants to see. It is actually a photosynthesizing bacteria that grows on your roof. It comes from a combination of calcium carbonate and moisture known more to the southeastern parts of the United States than others. It’s not limited to just roofs, they can be found on fiberglass shingles on any part of your home and business.

Algae Growth Map


Now that you know what Gloeocapsa magma is, what can you do about it? Well the answer to that is easy. Hire a professional roof cleaning contractor! If you don’t these black streaks will continue to worsen.


This algae has to come off. And it’s not as easy to get off as you may think. This is definitely not a job to do yourself. Like mold, there are professional roof cleaning contractors who can clean those black streaks on your roof (Gloeocapsa magma) and eliminate it. However, if you’re a diehard do-it-yourselfer you can try and clean it yourself. Do not use a pressure washer though.  A pressure washer will only further damage your roof and cause the bacteria to spread more.  The only surefire way to prevent and/or eliminate Gloeocapsa magma is to hire a professional roof cleaning contractor. It is after all referred to as black mold.


This is not something you should put off. It needs to be addressed as soon as you notice these black streaks forming on your roof. Since they hold risks that aren’t fully understood it is very important to eliminate this from your roof and from your home or business as soon as possible. Besides, it not only is deteriorating your shingles faster it looks horrible.


A professional roof cleaning contractor will respond quickly, courteously and professionally to your removal needs. Your situation and your budget will be taken into consideration, and the process is much more affordable than you may think. There is no reason to live under this black mold looming over and threatening your home or business every day that it exists there.


A trusted professional roof cleaning contractor will be able to explain the process that is to be implemented in removal, and answer any questions you may have about the algae itself. You can rest assured that both you and your home or business is in good hands with highly trained and skilled roof cleaner on the job. If your home is suffering from these black streaks and you live in the Cleveland Ohio area you can call us for a free roof cleaning estimate.  

February 4, 2013