Black Streaks On Roof

The West Michigan area has seen a dramatic increase in black streaks on roofs in the last couple of years and it has many people believing that they have to replace their shingles prematurely. This is not the case; black streaks on shingles are caused by algae called Gleocapsa Magma which thrive in moist humid environments. Almost 100% of the time you will notice the streaks on the north facing roof first and if left unchecked it can take over the whole roof.

There are many roofing contractors in the area that are falsely informing people that once you have black streaks that the shingles need to be replaced. This is not true; roof cleaning can actually remove the stains from the roof and help extend the life of your shingles. Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids has cleaned hundreds of roofs in the Grand Rapids area that had the black streaks growing on them. Our process has been used on over 75,000 roofs across the country and is being even being used in other countries now.

With the cost of roof replacement running into the tens of thousands of dollars it makes more sense than ever to have the professionals at Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids provide a non-pressure washing roof cleaning using our state of art SoftWash technology to extend the life of your shingles. Our safe eco-friendly roof cleaning costs a small fraction of roof replacement.

The fall season is a great time to have your roof cleaned. Call 616-240-3465 to schedule a FREE quote and find out just how inexpensive it is to get your roof looking new again.


January 9, 2014