Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

You and your sellers know it’s an extremely important factor in scheduling showings. Many buyers won’t even give the interior of a house the slightest chance if the exterior is questionable. One of the most noticeable and important aspects of a home’s curb appeal is the roof.

Just as a clean, healthy roof leaves an incredible first impression, nothing implies a deteriorating house like a dirty roof. When potential buyers drive by a house and see black streaks and stains from algae and mold on the roof, doubts take over their minds. If the buyers don’t immediately eliminate the house from consideration, they will, at a minimum, lower their initial offers by thousands of dollars.

Let us help you give your sellers the enhanced curb appeal a clean roof creates. Roof Cleaner uses safe, effective soft-wash methods that will have your sellers’ roofs looking like new in just a few hours.

There are more benefits than just the aesthetics. Left untreated, mold and algae can lead to serious problems like water damage, rotting wood and increased utility bills. When we wash a roof, we not only get rid of existing stains, but we also use cleansers that leave an invisible residue that helps prevent the return of mold and algae.

We know you want to get top dollar for your sellers’ homes, and using Roof Cleaner is an easy, effective way to drastically increase curb appeal. A house with tremendous curb appeal will see increased traffic and receive higher offers.

To schedule a free quote and see first-hand the benefits of a thorough roof washing from Roof Cleaner, don’t hesitate to call us at 616.240.3465 or visit our website at We will do our best to help your listings do their best.


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January 24, 2013