Capital Roof Wash and Pressure Cleaning

Date:August 30, 2012 4:09 am

Capital Roof Wash and Exterior Cleaning provides a safe soft wash roof cleaning application that provides enough cleaning power to safely remove mold, mildew and black streaks from your shingles without the damaging effects of pressure cleaning or power washing. But if you do need a pressure cleaning contractor, we offer concrete, driveway, wood and pool deck cleaning with our industrial pressure washer and surface cleaner.


Shingle cleaning is our specialty but we here at Capital Roof Wash also provides your homes exterior and concrete surfaces the amazing cleaning results that you expect in a pressure cleaning contractor. Pressure cleaning is for concrete driveways and patios, which is just one of our services, and soft washing is for roof stains, dirty shingles and vinyl siding. We offer both services (soft wash and pressure cleaning)and know when not to use a pressure washer and when to use our Soft Wash solution to eliminate algae.
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Whats Eating Your Roof Shingles?

Its proper name is Gloeocaspa Magma Algae. It resposible for the black streaks and discoloration of dirty roof shingles here in Tallahassee Florida. Cleaning your roof shingles with our soft wash solution kills the algae and will make your shingles look new again. Cleaning your roof compared to replacing your shingles can save you thousands of dollars. Most residential roof cleanings are only a few hunderd dollars compared to thousands for a new roof!

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Capital Roof Wash and Pressure Cleaning
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