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Date:March 16, 2013 1:51 pm



Watch this 2 minute video I made and see the gentle cleaning method we use, as specified by the roofing manufacturers.

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Bergman Roof Cleaning has been licensed and insured in Charlotte and Sarasota County since 1989.

BBB News Report Video, shows ratings can be bought at BBB. I DON'T PAY TO BELONG TO THE BBB, SO MY A+ rating with the BBB IS REAL!

My Rating is here-

To read quotes from a number of roofing manufacturers and have the ability to actually click on the roofing manufacturers links and read those same words on their websites and technical bulletins, please visit my website and click on "Manufacturer Specifics"

See some of our Before / During / & / After work here-

****** WARNING NOTICE: I have noticed in the last couple of years, successful roofers offering roof cleaning.Seeing as how the average cost to re-roof your house is around $4,000 to $30,000 - why would a roofer care about making an average $375.00 cleaning a roof? He wouldn't. So, I assume it's to "up-sell" or "Bait & Switch" ?
Once on your roof, he can tell you it needs replacing. If you say no, he can say "Cleaning will be $975.00" So, it's the perfect "pitch" to get bids in on roofing work! If he can't sell you a new roof, he will at least be able to make nearly triple the money that a real roof cleaner would make.  If he really knows how to clean a roof at all?


Most homeowners are unaware, that the roofing manufacturers specify exact cleaning methods and cleaning solutions, that may be used on their products, without voiding their warranties.  They all say "DO NOT PRESSURE WASH"

Seeing as how the roofing manufacturers not only make the product, but also stand behind it with a warranty, common sense dictates we listen to them.

"We" being you the homeowner and myself and others, who are in the business of cleaning roofs as contractors.

Here in Florida, for instance, the black stains that appear on a roof are the living organism ( Gloeocapsa Magma algae ) that will gradually reduce the lifespan of the investment you made in your home.

A roofs life expectancy can be reduced by as much as 50% leaving roof replacement as the only option.

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