Katy Memorial Roof Cleaning

Date:March 24, 2013 10:16 am

Katy Memorial Roof Cleaning


When your roof forms black steaks you need a professional roof cleaner. immediately that uses (ARMA) approved chlorine based products to prolong it. The savings from roof cleaning pays for itself within our Exclusive 5 Year Warranty by:

  • Making your home more appealing to your friends, relatives, neighbors and prospective buyers because it will look like your home has a new roof. This will also help you sell the house faster.
  • Making for a healthier lifestyle by removing bacteria from your environment that could make you sick.
  • Adding years to the life to your tile or asphalt shingle roof. We do this by removing gloeocapsa magma from your roof. It is a species of bacteria fungus that feeds upon the limestone filler in asphalt shingle roofs and causes granule loss as it slowly dissolves your asphalt shingles or degrades your tile roof.
  • Lowering electric bills by removing the heat absorbing dark bacteria fungus which makes your roof absorb and retain heat.

We are more than a decade older and more experienced than any other roof cleaning company in the Houston Texas area. Younger roof cleaning companies are still experimenting and learning on your hard paid for roof while Katy Memorial Roof Cleaning & Power Washing is providing no pressure damage free roof cleaning services and offering an Exclusive 5 Year Warranty on roof cleaning.
Katy Memorial Roof Cleaning & Power Washing removes this bacteria fungus from your roof with our damage free soft washing roof cleaning process. We have been roof cleaning in the greater Houston, Brookshire, Cypress, Fulshear, Katy, Kingsland, Missouri City, Richmond TX, Spring, Sugarland Texas and The Woodlands areas since 1994.

We can provide you with roof cleaning, House, or Business exterior cleaning services that will make your roof, home or business look it's absolute best while saving you money and on most homes only costing several hundred dollars! That is cheap compared to the cost of a new roof.

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