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Date:August 30, 2012 4:08 am

Dallas Roof Cleaning



Dallas Roof Washing

Roof cleaning is actually somewhat in its infancy as a widely recognized service in the Dallas areas and all of Texas really. For many years roof cleaning was either not attempted, or attempted by non professionals, using cleaning methods that would often cause more harm to the roof than good. Today the benefits of roof cleaning have become much more understood, which has propelled the trade to new heights. Sadly though, there are still many misconceptions of how it should be accomplished to insure that you are getting excellent results, SAFELY.


The truth is, many so called roof cleaning professionals right here in Dallas know little more about cleaning a roof correctly than the average homeowner and the state does not currently require state licensing for roof cleaning companies. This makes it even easier for unqualified individuals to get into the business with little or no knowledge of the trade. Our mission with this website is to provide you with as much information about the trade as possible so you can make a more informed decision when considering a roof cleaning company here in Dallas that is right for you. Of course, we are hoping that you find us to be that company.


The specialists at Dallas Wash are experienced at safely washing away the mold, mildew, algae and dirt from roofs. Our non pressure roof cleaning method utilizes professional equipment and specialized roof cleaning ingredients to safely yet effectively remove years grime from your home’s roof and exterior. Our process effectively kills the algae on your roof, which means your newly clean roof will last for years to come. Your roof will generally remain streak free for at least 3 years (it usually last even longer). You can trust the experts at Dallas Wash to clean your roof safely and effectively!


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