Roof Cleaning Fayetteville NC

Date:March 7, 2013 3:58 pm


Roof Cleaning Fayetteville NC


Tony Fisher

Roof Cleaning Fayetteville NC

Roof Cleaning Fayetteville NC


Roof stains, a reasonably new problem facing home owners, has it roots in how shingles are made. How many remember seeing these dark ugly roof stains on homes in the 80's and earlier? You didn't see them when you were growing up in the 60's and 70's. Your parents didn't have to have their roof's cleaned because the shingles were made without the limestone filler that is the food source for the algae.

Roof Cleaning is a relatively new service. It's a growing industry and is gaining recognition all over the USA primarily because the roofing companies were happy to prey on unsuspecting home owner. Roof cleaners have been around for over a decade in most areas but the service is unknown to most home owners. They typically contact a roofer who is happy to sell them a replacement roof. 







Fayetteville NC, located in Cumberland County, North Carolina, the home of Fort Bragg is right in the middle of the high risk zone for roof algae.

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