The Roof Wizard Roof Cleaning

Date:January 13, 2015 7:50 am

When you're ready for the next level in clean, a clean so amazing you will think it had to be magic, call The Roof Wizard! We are a professional New Jersey power washing company.

With our unique and special softwash systems you never have to worry about damaging your home or property. To get that like new sheen, our experts can produce double the results of pressure washing without the harmful side effects of high pressure. Call us today to see how the Wizard can make your dirt and grime disappear! Many homeowners across the country have received cancellation letters because their roofs and/or siding are dirty and infested with Algae & Mold. You may not think about cleaning the roof of your home but insurance companies now say you should. Whether you do or not could affect your policy.

Is your roof dirty?

Does it have dark streaks or green moss growing on it? It’s not just a nuisance. Insurance companies, believe it or not, are now canceling policies because of roofs they consider too dirty. Just ask your insurance agent/provider!! The Roof Wizard’s cleaning services and maintenance programs will give you the peace of mind that your biggest investment is not in jeopardy of becoming un-insured. The Roof Wizard can magically clean & restore almost any other area of your property. We specialize in roofs, siding, fences, patios, walkways, solar panels & much more!!


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