New Jersey Roof Cleaning is Free!

By Ed Thompson of Thompson Roof Cleaning and Power Washing LLC in New Jersey (732) 726-9261

New Jersey Roof Cleaning is Free!

Have we lost our minds?  Not really, and we’re not exactly giving away free service.  But let’s do the math.

Whether your insurance company requires you to clean your roof or you simply just hate the way it looks, let us take a look and some additional benefits of keeping roof-eating molds and algae off of the roofing shingles.  Of course roof cleaners in New Jersey are in business to make a profit.  Let us list some of the immediate benefits of keeping a roof free of stains, moss, and lichens and how the benefits can exceed the initial cost of the service.

  • Organisms that create roof stains need a food source.  Your roof is the food source.  Clean roofs last longer.
  • Black stains on a roof absorb heat.  Roofs are designed to reflect UV.  Lower your cooling cost by cleaning your roof.
  • Selling your home?  Eliminate the largest bargaining chip of a sale.  Homes without roof stains sell fast for more money.

…And please please please, do not ever let anyone clean your roof with a pressure washer.  Power washing a roof in New Jersey can create long term damage.  Those little gritty granules on a roof is what protects the underlying membrane more damaging UV.  Roof granules dislodge fairly easily.  A good rain can usually dislodge a fair amount of granules.  You can find these granules lying inside your gutter.

A non-pressure roof cleaner can clean a roof with specifically calibrated detergents that are designed to kill mold, aglaes, moss, and lichens.  Non-pressure roof cleaners take a “pest control” approach.  This type of approach acheives a near 100% kill ratio which will create a longer lasting clean roof.  Power washing a roof simply blows live mold spores every where.

Roof cleaning in New Jersey costs roughly 5%-10% of the cost of a new roof.  When you do the math and evaluate the returns on investment, you can easily see how roof cleaning is free.

December 2, 2012