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We never use pressure washers to clean roofing shingles!  This includes asphalt shingle, slate, or cedar roofs.  The staining is either moss, algae, Roof Cleaning Company in New Jersey | Thompson Roof Cleaning and Power WashingRoof Cleaning and Moss Removal NJ-Thompson Roof Cleaning NJblack staining (gloeocapsa magma) or lichen.  Pressure washing doesn’t work for 2 reason:  The obvious reason is damage can occur with high pressure.  The 2nd reason is the pressure washing a shingle doesn’t not kill, sterilize nor neutralize the roof infection.  Power washing can create a brief perception of clean but if you did not kill every last spore the stain will regenerate and the stain will return rather quickly.  We use a foaming detergent that contains 1 parts bleach.  The soap is calibrated exactly to kill moss and lichen plus dissolve the bacteria that causes the black staining.  Bleach is the only product that has been endorsed by the major roof shingle manufacturers like GAF, the maker of the popular Timberline™ shingle.

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We have a specific detergent for every type of surfaces.  All surfaces can be safely soft washed including vinyl, stucco, dryvit, cedar and even painted surfaces.  We clean vinyl and wood fences, wood and Trex decking, children toys and more.  Learn more about soft washing by visiting our Roof Cleaning page.  We provide exterior cleaning services for Emerson and surrounding Bergen County towns.

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January 28, 2014