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Get a professional non-pressure roof cleaning quote in Freehold New Jersey 07728.  Never let anyone use a pressure washer to clean your roof!  The infection of mold, algae and moss on a roof can develop a root system into the shingle.  Pressure washing these growths is like mowing a lawn.  It will grow back thicker and fuller.  The proper sanitizing detergent can kill these growths at the root to insure a 100% kill.  Full sterilization is the best defense against the stain returning.  Each full roof treatment we do receives a 3 Year Spot-Free Warranty which is unmatched by most roof cleaning companies.NJ Roof Cleaning After SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Stains on a roof are alive and contagious.  Think of how someone would clean and sterilize a kitchen counter;  Pressure washing the counter would not sterilize the surface.  A good household cleaner like Clorox Cleanup can be sprayed on and wiped up.  This would sterilize the counter as opposed to merely creating a perception of clean.

Roof Cleaning Detergent

The products we use in our detergent are the same products used in swimming pools, gym saunas and is used at a municipal level in our tap water.  It is a truly biodegradable salt based detergent.  It starts as salt and ends at salt.  There is no residual toxicity left after the roof treatment.  We use the only products that are endorsed by GAF Timberline roof shingle manufacturer.  The bottom line is that a pressure washer is not an option.  Using a pressure washer can void the warranty of the roof and cause premature wear on the shingle.  Power washing a roof can dislodge many of the roofing granules that protect the underlying membrane of the shingle.  When these granules wash away there is nothing left to protect the shingle from the harmful effects of the suns UV.  A roof shingle with thin granules will start to crack and split from the suns UV.  This is why it is so important that the granules stay in tact.

You may have heard of the term “Roof Shampoo“.  This is actually a national franchise of roof cleaners that uses a gadget that is hooked up to a pressure washer.  Though they claim it is low pressure there will most likely be a lot of granule loss with their method.  Many of these Roof Shampoo companies will offer a free gutter cleaning with every roof cleaning.  This free gutter cleaning is actually a disguise to remove all of the roofing granules that have been washed away during the procedure.  In essence they are removing the evidence.  Please do not let anyone on your roof with any type of gadget that is hooked up to nay kind of gas powered pressure washer.

Our process 100% successful to treat moss, lichen, algae.  It also dissolves the black bacteria that creates black streaky roof stains.  This process is safe for all roofs include asphalt shingle, cedar and slate roofs.

Roof Moss Removal Freehold NJ

Moss develops a root system just like a plant.  When it comes to removing the moss from the shingle we simply apply our detergent that will immediately kill the moss at the root.  The dead moss is left on the roof to dry out and decompose.  Over the course of a few weeks the rain will wash it off little by little.  Though this process can be painfully slow this is the safest way to remove the moss without leaving any scars on the shingle.  The only way to instantly remove moss is to scrub the surface or pressure wash the shingle.  Doing so will lead to the loss of much of the roofing granules and shorten the life of the roof.

We can clean any type of roof in Freehold NJ.  Slate roofs and also cedar shakes can be used using the same soft wash system.  This is a detergent cleaning.  We are simply solving an infection.  You’ll get a clean roof as a by-product of solving the infection


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February 22, 2016