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Our Roof Cleaning Process

We never use a pressure washer to clean a roof!  We don’t scrub with stiff bristled brushes either.  This can damage the roof and will not solve the problem.  Black staining is a bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma.  This will dissolve immediately in our detergent.  Moss and lichen develop root systems into the roofing shingle.  You do not want to forcibly remove these 2 growths.  our detergent will kill moss and lichen within 5 minutes of application.  It is then left to dry out and decompose.  The rain will wash it away little by little.  tho process can take several weeks.  Each full roof cleaning comes with our 3 Year Sot-Free Warranty.NJ Roof Cleaning BeforeNJ Roof Cleaning After

Exterior Soft Washing Services Glen Ridge NJ

Professional cleaners use detergents.  You cannot safely clean any surface by simply blasting high pressure water.  Usually the staining is organic like mold and mildew.  Think of it like a mild infection.  It never heals itself.  Mold and mildew gets into the pores of everything.  You cannot possibly blast every cell away.  Leaving cells behind will allow the stain to regenerate.

Our process is to douse the entire area with a mild detergent that contains one parts bleach.  All precautions are taken to protect landscape by covering, diverting and diluting.  The detergent completely sterilizes the mold and mildew before and pressure washing is even done.  The detergent dissolves the mold so it’s just a matter of following up with a heavy rinse.  This process is far less aggressive to the surface and it last 4-6 times longer than traditional high pressure washing.  This soft wash process is safe for all surfaces such as vinyl, stucco, dryvit, cedar and even painted surfaces.  It is used to clean decks including Trex and composite.

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January 23, 2014