Roof Soft-Washing in Bergen County NJ

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Congratulations for finding this page.  We are an insured professional exterior cleaning company and an authorized New Jersey Safe Wash contractor.  We have cleaned thousands of roofs in the Bergen/Passaic area of New Jersey.

A roof should never be “pressure washed”.  Go to the website of your roof shingles manufacturer to find their instructed shingle cleaning procedure.  Our roof soft-wash process is approved my the manufacturer and will not void the warranty of your roof.  We will achieve a 100% kill ratio on all mold, mildew and algae without using a pressure washer.  Check out our Bergen County Roof Cleaning Video.

Thompson Roof Cleaning and Power Washing LLC, based in Edison NJ near Raritan Center, has been serving Central and Northern NJ since the late 90’s.  Soft-Washing has replaced the traditional high pressure washing.  Power washing with high pressure does not fully sterilize surfaces with mold and mildew.  By achieving the near 100% kill ratio will surfaces stay clean for extended periods of time.

Think about bacteria growing in a petri dish; If you tried to remove the bacteria and left even one single cell behind the growth would eventually regenerate.  The same goes for roof and sidings.  Water alone does not kill mold and mildew.  Would you use simply water to sterilize your kitchen counter?  Of course you wouldn’t.

Every full roof cleaning comes with a 5 Year Spot-Free Warranty.  All estimates are free.  Find out more about roof cleaning in Bergen County by visiting our website @ Thompson Roof Cleaning.

January 9, 2014