Soft Wash Cleaning


Roof Cleaner has returned from 3 days of intensive classroom and hands on training that took place at SoftWashapolooza. SoftWash Systems is the way that Roof Cleaner will doing all of its exterior cleaning and we wanted to take part in the yearly training so that our customers are assured that they are getting the best when it comes to the cleaning of their roofs, siding, decks and all other exterior surfaces.

Roof Cleaner is looking forward to the coming spring so we can get out and show Grand Rapids that exterior cleaning can be done safely and quickly without the use of a pressure washer.

Roof Cleaner is able to clean any style and type of roof with our SoftWash system, siding on homes and buildings are also great places for our SoftWash system to be used. Cement walkways, pavers, patios and porches come out great with our system. Roof Cleaner can even make the wood on your deck look great using soft wash. Wood fences, often neglected can now be cleaned and made to look great once again.

Do you have rust stains or hard water stains on your siding or even your sidewalk, Roof Cleaner can make those stains disappear.

Roof Cleaner. ..A Clean You Can See.

Complete Exterior Surface Cleaning

January 31, 2013