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Bigfoot Softwash Services

  • June 12, 2013 11:38 am
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    Your roof can look like new again!
    NEVER! We will not use a pressure washer at all to clean your roof. We use a specialized LOW PRESSURE system designed to gently clean the algae and moss from the surface of your roof. Our system uses no more pressure than your garden hose! We simply apply the cleaner, allow it to dwell and rinse it clean.
    Our service restores your shingles to look as good as they can, preventing premature damage and extending the lifespan of your roof. Our service is 100% safe. We use scientifically proven and proprietary cleaning agents that safely loosen the organisms causing the roof stains. Our high volume and low pressure rinsing system is safe and effective on any type of shingle including metal, tiles, shingles, slate, concrete, etc.
    Our view is that roofs, especially tiled roofs should have minimal foot traffic due to the fragile nature of the tiles and the process to repair. We strive to clean as many roof sections from a ladder and our equipment allows us the distance of about 30-40 ft to apply our solution. Our position is to stay off the roof as much as we can to avoid damage.
    Pressure washing roofs has been gaining in popularity in Trinidad and Tobago, however the risk is too great in allowing foot traffic to pressure clean or the use of a surface cleaner to walk your roof in it’s entirety. There are many qualified persons that are familiar with proper technique in walking a tile roof, but if a tile gets broke or a section of tiles are cracked, will you be informed? Pressure washing your roof has another downside that is not talked about much, but it is something we do notice. Many times a pressure washed/surface cleaned roof has a very quick turnaround time for algae to return.
    Be the Envy of Your Neighbours! Every Full Roof Treatment is Backed by Our 2 Year Spot-Free Warranty!

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